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Total land area: 50,000 m2

Tatal workers: 300~350

Capacity:  40~60 containers 40’ ft/month. Over 99% of our products are produced in house.

There are eight main departments in the factory:

1.Office:Daily operating management.

2.R&D:Technical & sample design.

3.QC:Our QC teams are working stricky to maintain product quality. Every parts of the product is inspected before to the next step.

4.Metal part:Cutting,grinding,punching,bending,welding,and polishing metal base of chair and table.

5.Chrome plating:Chrome plated for metal base.

6.Wood:Ply-wood pressing ,cutting and shaping,in the house loading test sending and finishing raw chair seat and table top.

7.Finishing:Lacquering chair seat & table top. Liquid coating metal base.

8.Assembly & Packing:Assenbly checking & packing table and chairs.