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[ About Full-In ]
Full In Industrial Co.,Ltd, initially established in 1988 in Shenkang District in Taichung County, Taiwan, is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) focusing on the production of baby stroller, iron pipe products, plastics, and tailor related products. In 2000, armed with excellent technical capability and complete production quality management, we relocated to Vietnam Tongan Industrial Zone in response to the new needs in global supply chain. Full In has not only demonstrated comparative advantages in product prices, but also earned strong reputation in product quality as well as administrative proficiency. In addition, we have the ability of ODM to serve our customers and strengthen their presence in the local market.

In 2001, we began to produce a variety of products including Baby Stroller, Aerobike (a healthy exercise bike), Silver Car that has been exported to Japan (a car designed for the aged), bentwood chairs and iron pipe tables that have been sold around the global. Full In Corporation has always been innovative in optimizing each technological link in production including blacksmithing, wood shaping, plating, painting and assembly packaging. Since 2004, boosted by customers' trust, recognition and support, our orders and productivity on bentwood chairs and MDF tables have increased rapidly. Today, Full In Corporation has reached a monthly production capacity of 4000 units and 50,000 units for tables and chairs respectively, presenting a rising trend year by year.


[ Our cooperation customers ]
Our current cooperation partners include Actona, M&S, Julia Group, Officeworks, to name a few. Our exported commodities abroad have the following distribution: Northern Europe accounts for 70%, Spain, Australia and UK for 5%, 5% and 10% respectively, and the remaining 10% from the rest of the world. Among our numerous products, it's the annual productivity of 700,000 bentwood chairs that has established our leading position in the industry.


[ Our prospects ]
We aim to become the largest and most advanced metal furniture manufacturer in the world to develop new furniture with innovative and fashionable design for our customers. To achieve this vision, we work tirelessly to foster the following advanced capabilities:

I. Manufacturing leadership--- the ability to integrate design philosophy from the customers to produce modern and fashionable furniture.
II. Innovative design--- the ability to lead the trend of the market and design the most up-to-date products demanded by the market.
III. Service-oriented---the ability to provide customers with the most timely, accurate and satisfactory service.

Our missions: We aspire to be a long-term and reliable business partner in global furniture industry. Full In Corporation will always adhere to our core values, which are honesty, integrity, innovation and high quality.